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Jul 20 2013

Video: Guardians of the Galaxy join ‘Ultimate Spider-man’ on Disney XD

Marvel has sent over a clip from the Ultimate Spider-man episode set to debut this Sunday on Disney XD, featuring the incomparable Guardians of the Galaxy – or at least Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket Racoon and Drax the Destroyer – team up with Spider-man and Nova. We can’t help but notice that Rocket Raccoon doesn’t have …

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Jul 06 2013

Video: ‘Marvel’s Avengers Assemble’ premiere clip, Deadpool dances in ‘Ultimate Spider-man’,

Marvel has sent over two new videos this morning, showcasing their Disney XD programming Ultimate Spider-man and the brand new Marvel’s Avengers Assemble.

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Jul 03 2013

Video: Deadpool makes his ‘Ultimate Spider-man’ debut on Disney XD

The Merc with a Mouth (unless you’re Ryan Reynolds) is coming to television! This weekend, Ultimate Spider-man will host Deadpool in a typically off-the-wall-adventure. Marvel has provided us with a video showcasing this moment in history. Ultimate Heroes. Ultimate Villains. Ultimate Responsibility. Spider-Man must lead his team of teen heroes against the greatest assembly of …

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Jun 08 2013

Video: Ultimate Spider-man faces Juggernaut and the Destroyer

The second season of Ultimate Spider-man returns with two new clips from back-to-back episodes. Marvel has sent over some insane clips of Ultimate Spidey tackling X-Men foe Juggernaut and Thor’s Destroyer this week on Disney XD. Oh! Chibi Marvel! Kawaii! Ultimate Heroes. Ultimate Villains. Ultimate Responsibility. Spider-Man must…

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May 22 2013

New trailer for TV’s Marvel’s Avengers Assemble

While Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been hogging all of the TV limelight lately, Marvel’s other small screen venture is coming out soon. The first trailer to Marvel’s Avengers Assemble is here, and it brings a few new friends with it. This animated series seems to be targeting younger audiences that enjoyed the big screen adventures of …

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