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Jun 23 2015

Behind The Panels Issue 145 – Batman: Earth One Volume 2

Welcome back to BEHIND THE PANELS Issue 145, the comic book show where crime never rests – but we just took two weeks off anyway. In this issue, DC Comics doesn’t have a major event planned for September. The lenticular cover industry stock plummets in reaction. ALSO Mark Ruffalo’s not sure whether he’s in Captain …

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May 05 2015

Behind The Panels Issue 140 – Green Lantern: Rebirth (Live at Good Games Hurstville for Free Comic Book Day)

Welcome to BEHIND THE PANELS Issue 140, the comic book show that’s coming to you live from Good Games Hursttville on Free Comic Book Day! In this issue, we got a bunch of free comics, and we didn’t have to torrent a single page. SO it’s Divergence, Secret Wars, Fight Club and more in What We’ve …

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Mar 31 2015

Behind The Panels Issue 135 – The Flash: Rebirth

Welcome to BEHIND THE PANELS Issue 135, the comic book show that created the Speed Force because it forgot to pick up the milk. In this special abbreviated issue, the Davids in Stereo cater to the holiday whims of their handsome host. THEN it’s We Can Never Go Home, PastAways, Jem and the Holograms and Miami Vice …

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Feb 10 2015

Behind The Panels Issue 128 – Aquaman: The Trench

Welcome to BEHIND THE PANELS Issue 128, the comic book show that is moist with anticipation. In this issue, DC announces it’s post-Convergence line-up with dozens of new titles. At last: we can buy books for Bat-Mite, Prez and Mystic U. THEN we go Postal, welcome the return of Saga, and watch the Black Vortex epic …

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Sep 29 2014

Behind The Panels Issue 111 – Flashpoint

Welcome to Behind the Panels Issue 111, the comic book show that wakes up in its own reality every day. In this issue, Bruce Wayne’s parents are killed again. We guess that’s what they get for going somewhere called Crime Alley. ALSO we report back from Oz Comic-Con Sydney and Ashfield’s Comic Con-Versation, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. …

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Sep 21 2014

The History of Green Arrow Part 6 – Quiver through Brightest Day (2001 – 2011)

Green Arrow was dead. Or at least, Oliver Queen and the book that carried his alter-ego’s name was. When the first ongoing Green Arrow series ended in August 1998, it came in at #94 on the sales figures charts for the month. While DC Comics and the industry generally began to get nostalgic at the turn of …

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Nov 19 2013

TV: ‘The Flash’ set for own pilot, first images of Grant Gustin as Barry Allen in ‘Arrow’

Deadline is reporting that The Flash will now have its own dedicated pilot, rather than the previously announced “back-door pilot” in Arrow. Grant Gustin is set to appear as Barry Allen in the December 4th episode of Arrow, “The Scientist”, and early reports are indicating that the CW bigwigs are pleased with the results. As such …

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Aug 29 2013

Graphic Bits Reviews: Justice League #23, Batman Inc Special #1 and Batman/Superman #3

Don’t have time for full reviews of comics? Then check out Graphic Bits: bite sized chunks of comic book goodness designed to get behind the panels and into your hearts. This week (28 August 2013) at DC Comics, it’s a conclusion of sorts to the “Trinity War” in Justice League #23, while Batman Incorporated Special #1 …

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Aug 27 2013

Preview: The Trinity War concludes in ‘Justice League’ #23

The end is almost here! Buzzfeed has released some preview pages to Justice League #23, the final chapter in the “Trinity War” saga. Pictured below are three pages from the book and several variant covers from this key issue in the New 52. So far, the Justice League crossover – that has included Justice League …

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Aug 15 2013

Graphic Bits Reviews: Batman #23, East of West #5, JLA #7 and Saga #13

 Don’t have time for full reviews of comics? Then check out Graphic Bits: bite sized chunks of comic book goodness designed to get behind the panels and into your hearts. This week (14 August 2013), “Zero Year” continues in Batman #23, and it’s the Trinity War in Justice League of America #7. Then things get even …

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Aug 01 2013

More details on ‘The Flash’: red suits and ‘Arrow’ debut

Yesterday, geeks had cause for rejoicing when the CW announced that The Flash would be coming to television on the back of Green Arrow adaptation Arrow. Now THR follows up that news with some more details from series creators Greg Berlanti and Andre Kreisberg. Berlanti,  Kreisberg and Geoff Johns will write the introduction of the …

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