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Jul 07 2015

Grant Morrison named new Editor-in-Chief of ‘Heavy Metal’

Long-running science fiction and fantasy anthology HEAVY METAL has a brand new Editor-in-Chief, reports Entertainment Weekly: and it is none other than superstar writer Grant Morrison. His first issue in the new role will kick off in February, with plans to contribute his own prose, comics and other material in addition to his editorial duties. “We’re …

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Feb 19 2015

Graphic Bits Reviews: EI8HT #1, Silk #1, The Multiversity: Mastermen #1 and Secret Identities #1

Don’t have time for long reviews of comics? Then check out Graphic Bits: bite sized chunks of comic book goodness designed to get behind the panels and into your hearts. This is Graphic Bits. EI8HT #1 Dark Horse, Rafael Albuquerque and Mike Johnson (writers), Rafael Albuquerque (artist) Rating: 9/10 As the new golden age of comic book sci-fi continues, Rafael …

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Feb 03 2015

Pull List: Comics to read in February 2015

In a world where money is shorter supply than quality comics, you must choose your new investments carefully every month.  All throughout 2015, we will pick the books every month that we think are probably worth having a look at. We’re not saying you have to look at all of them, but they are a good …

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Oct 26 2014

Review: The Multiversity – The Just #1

It’s further down the rabbit hole as Grant Morrison’s meta dissection continues to reflect back on itself and examine the idea of the ‘superhero’.  (Warning: review contains plot elements that may be considered minor spoilers) “What’s your take on the whole comic books mmm-might be art thing?” It’s a question that Alexis Luthor, the genius daughter of Lex, asks …

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Oct 01 2014

Cover Story: Best Comic Book Covers of September 2014

Each month, hundreds of comics are released to stores for the hungry masses of fans around the world. To stand out on the shelves, you have to put the great art up front. You can judge a book by its cover.  Welcome back to our continuing monthly column. Except for shamefully missing last month due to our live show …

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Sep 18 2014

Review: The Multiversity – The Society of Super-Heroes: Conquerors of the Counter-World #1

The first of a series of standalone books set on alternate Earths gives us a flavour of what to expect over the course of Grant Morrison’s The Multiversity. (Warning: review contains plot elements that may be considered spoilers) With The Multiversity, writer Grant Morrison managed to introduce a fictional narrative around the notion that all stories …

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Aug 30 2014

The History of Green Arrow Part 5 – At the Crossroads of Death with Connor Hawke (1994 – 2000)

Green Arrow may have returned to the spotlight during the darker turns of the 1980s, but even he wouldn’t escape the superhero death toll of the 1990s. Mike Grell’s departure from the book coincided with a sea-change in the industry, with the Dark Age that arguably began with The Dark Knight Returns (1986) and culminated in the grunge …

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Aug 26 2014

Behind The Panels Issue 106 – The Wake

Welcome to Behind the Panels Issue 106, the comic book show that presents its reviews in the form of a dissection. In this issue, Grant Morrison’s Multiversity finally spills out into our reality. We’ll understand it all once we’ve finished reading every comic in history. ALSO Ant-Man begins production in San Francisco, and Marvel has …

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Aug 21 2014

Review: The Multiversity #1

Grant Morrison’s long-awaited meta dissection of comics leaves no panel behind, uniquely involving the reader directly in the narrative.  (Warning: review contains plot elements that may be considered spoilers) In the writing of this review, another layer is added to the multiverse that Grant Morrison has been working on for the better part of the …

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Oct 20 2013

Behind the Panels Issue 75 – Arkham Asylum

In this issue, Frank Miller returns to Detective Comics #27. Yes, that’s right: a DC Comic made it to issue 27. Then Serenity gets a comic book sequel: we can’t wait to see it get cancelled and revived as a movie. THEN Marvel aims for more comics and television, we review all the latest books …

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Aug 04 2013

Graphic Bits Reviews: Amala’s Blade #4, Batman Inc #13, Daredevil #29, DC Annual #2, Five Ghosts #5, Guardians of the Galaxy #5, Pandora #2, Sex #5, Wake #3 and What If? AvX #4

Don’t have time for full reviews of comics? Then check out Graphic Bits: bite sized chunks of comic book goodness designed to get behind the panels and into your hearts. This week (31 July 2013) we bid farewell to both Amala’s Blade (Dark Horse) and Grant Morrison’s Batman Incorporated (DC Comics), while Five Ghosts: The Haunting …

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