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Jun 27 2013

Alan Moore’s His Heavy Heart adds DVD and deluxe hardcover package art

We’ve been going on about this for a week or so now, but it just keeps getting cooler. Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins have a Kickstarter page  for His Heavy Heart, the final film in the Jimmy’s End cycle of shorts making a full DVD. After a few videos of Moore delightfully camping it up for …

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Jun 26 2013

Renegade genius Alan Moore propositions us in new Kickstarter video

Since we last heard from Alan Moore, he has gone from “simple-minded, backwoodsman” to cat-stroking super villain and “renegade genius”. In a new video, he’s still plugging his latest  Kickstarter campaign to complete the Jimmy’s End cycle of films directed by Mitch Jenkins with His Heavy Heart. If Moore’s mission was to endear himself to us, then it’s already a successful …

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