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Sep 06 2013

Marvel Studios wants female-led superhero film

In an interview with ComingSoon, director/producer Louis D’Esposito, who has been involved with most of the Marvel One-Shots, confirmed that there were plans for a female-led superhero movie. While the films have certainly had their share of female characters, the leads have been rather boy-centric. It seems Marvel Studios are keen to change that. For a …

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Aug 21 2013

Film Review: Marvel One-Shot – Agent Carter

Marvel gets more ambitious with their one-shot films, expanding their cinematic universe a little further around a strong female protagonist.  Ever since The Consultant, the 2011 direct-to-video film that appeared on the Thor DVD and Blu-ray, the Marvel One-Shot films have served as fun linking segments between the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With …

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