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Sep 02 2015

Review: Green Arrow #44 – “Secret of the Wolf”

A new arc takes a turn for the supernnatural in yet another narrative twist for the Emerald Archer.  Benjamin Percy concluded his first arc on GREEN ARROW last month, and while the denoument may have been prematurely reached, it came with a reassuring callback to the tone and setting of Mike Grell’s era of the …

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Aug 13 2015

Review: Green Arrow #43 – “The Night Birds Part 3: The Hood”

Ben Percy’s first arc comes to an end. Does it make a bulls-eye or miss the target? Green Arrow is not a character that is awfully hard to get right, although he has undergone many changes in the last 75 years. Since the relaunch of the New 52, he’s proven to be a character that …

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Jul 02 2015

Review: Green Arrow #42 – “The Night Birds Part 2: The Panopticon”

Is it better for a superhero to pick up speed or slow down for a while? The latest GREEN ARROW gives us a little bit of both. One of the things that was apparent from last month’s latest soft-relaunch of GREEN ARROW was a desperate need for some status quo in the world of the Emerald …

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Jun 04 2015

Review: Green Arrow #41 – “The Night Birds Part 1”

A darkness creeps into Seattle as a post-Convergence era for Green Arrow begins in The New DC Universe. If there has been one consistent throughout GREEN ARROW‘s run since the New 52 re-launch, it’s been change. The post-Flashpoint character struggled to find an identity throughout J.T. Krul and Keith Giffen’s initial issues, Ann Nocenti’s incongruous run that involved …

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Jul 03 2013

Review: Trinity of Sin – Pandora #1

Almost two years under the New 52 has been leading us to the Trinity War, and it all begins here. It was a single page in the epic Flashpoint #5 that introduced us to the mysterious “woman in red” back in August 2011. As she turned up in random panels across all of the New …

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