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Mar 20 2015

Crisis Explained Part 1: Enter the Multiverse (1940 – 1984)

You can almost set your clock to DC Comics reworking their universe. Since the mid-1980s and Crisis on Infinite Earths, DC has reset or tweaked the clock a number of times, filling in gaps or smoothing out inconsistencies in their narratives. So what is a crisis, and why are they so important? Today, a “Crisis” in …

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Aug 01 2013

The History of Green Arrow Part 1 – From the Golden Age to the Golden Beard (1941 to 1969)

Green Arrow has made a big splash in the last few years, even getting his own television series with Arrow hitting the small screen in 2013. He’s graced animated series, major comic book crossovers and survived every incarnation of the DC Universe. Yet he wasn’t always a star player, often taking a supporting role to …

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Apr 05 2013

Legendary DC Comics artist and editor Carmine Infantino dies at 87

Legendary comic book artist and former DC Comics editor Carmine Infantino has died aged 87. He is best known for his work on Batman and the Silver Age redesign of Flash. Brooklyn-born artist Infantino first began working for Harry “A” Chesler in the 1930s-40s during his freshman year of high school, for a studio that were seen …

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