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Aug 27 2014

Oz Comic-Con 2014: Comics creators and history showcased in Sydney and Brisbane

Oz Comic-Con arrives next month in Brisbane and Sydney. As another major first, Behind the Panels gets mentioned in the press release. All around the world, we see people talking about how comics take a back-seat to movies and TV at comic-cons. This is not the case at Oz Comic-Con. In addition to a robust …

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Jul 16 2014

Comics: Marvel’s female ‘Thor’, IDW’s ‘TMNT/Ghostbusters’ and ‘Edward Scissorhands’ for October

It’s a big week of announcements, and there’s just going to be more of these in the lead-up to Comic-Con International San Diego next week. Yet the one that seems to have captured the media’s attention this week is the announcement of a new female Thor, mostly because the initial reveal came on the daytime …

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Jun 30 2014

Cover Story: Best Comic Book Covers of June 2014

Each month, hundreds of comics are released to stores for the hungry masses of fans around the world. To stand out on the shelves, you have to put the great art up front. You can judge a book by its cover. Welcome back to our continuing monthly column. At least it would be if we hadn’t missed it …

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Oct 08 2013

Oz Comic-Con 2014: Kevin Sorbo, Daniel Cudmore, Michael Hurst, Nicola Scott, Tristan Jones and more join line-up

Oz Comic-Con will expand to five states around Australia in 2014, and they are certainly bringing some top shelf geek guests to the country to celebrate. Just this month, Oz Comic-Con has announced a mini Hercules reunion with Kevin Sorbo and Michael Hurst joining the ‘Con for its kick-off in Perth/Adelaide. Sorbo is best known for …

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Jul 09 2013

Behind The Panels Issue 64 – Supanova 2013

In this issue, Richard and David go to Supanova 2013 in Sydney. Come and meet Tom Taylor, Tristan Jones, Paul Bedford, Nicola Scott, Chris Claremont, Alex Saviuk and many more of the colourful characters and vendors that make up Supanova, the pop culture expo. Recorded live on the floor of the expo. On our next …

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Jul 04 2013

Behind the Panels Video One-Shot – The Tristan ‘T-Rex’ Jones Interview

Tristan ‘T-Rex’ Jones is an Australian writer/artist who broke into the US industry with his work on Mirage Studios’. Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This led to work on IDW’s Ghostbusters ongoing series and the recent action-horror smash Infestation: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He is currently working on Hoax Hunters for Image Comics, and crowd-sourced …

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Jun 20 2013

Oz Comic-Con 2013: Douglas Holgate and Tristan Jones video

As we enter the convention season for the Antipodes this year, we’re very aware that Oz Comic-Con 2013 will be coming to Melbourne in only a few weeks. The good folks there have alerted us to few videos they’ve been releasing on their Facebook page, aimed at getting new and old fans alike ready for …

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Oct 31 2012

Cover Story: Best Comic Book Covers of October 2012

Welcome back to our continuing monthly column, or at least it would be if DC hadn’t released 52 almost identical covers last month. It’s a comparatively bumper crop this month, and we have to give props to Adam Hughes, who appears twice in this month’s list. Let’s get covering.

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Aug 29 2012

Cover Story: Best Comic Book Covers of August 2012

COMICS: The best covers for August 2012.

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