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Jun 04 2013

Preview: Marvel and Disney-ABC’s Once Upon A Time graphic novel

Marvel have some original graphic novels coming out this year, and one of these is the first official tie in to the TV series Once Upon A Time. Marvel has released the first few of Mike Del Mundo’s pages to Once Upon a Time: Shadow of the Queen! Plotted by series writer and producer Daniel T. Thomsen, …

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May 23 2013

Review: Akaneiro #1

A fable-turned-video-game-turned-comic is an effective re-imagining of Red Riding Hood set in feudal Japan from American McGee. It’s often very easy to dismiss licences that are connected with video games, as they are typically less interested in storytelling than they are in selling games. Yet the comic that accompanies American McGee’s online game Akaneiro: Demon Hunters is …

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