Sep 13 2013

Technicolor partners with ABC TV Australia and A Stark Production for ‘The Deep’ animated series

The Deep animated TV seriesGestalt Comics has announced that Technicolor has partnered with ABC Television Australia and Australian Producer Avrill Stark‘s A Stark Production to develop their graphic novel series The Deep as a CG animated series.

Creators Tom Taylor and James Brouwer are reportedly “heavily involved” with the production of the TV series. When we spoke with Taylor at Supanova this year, he elaborated on this. “I’ve written the first two episodes and James is art director, and that’s a whole lot of work.”

As with Gestalt’s graphic novel, the CGI animated episodes of The Deep is aimed at kids aged 8 to 12 and their families. Technicolor aims to produce 26 half-hour episodes, with potential investors shopping happening this year.

As for a third volume of the graphic novel, Taylor adds that “we’re desperate to get a third volume out” “probably isn’t on the horizon as much as it should be. I know exactly what happens in it. It’s epic, it’s going to be brilliant.

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