Jun 18 2013

Titan releasing Claremont and Bolton’s Marada the She-Wolf in November

Marada The She-Wolf (Titan)

Titan Books has announced that it will be collecting together the Chris Claremont and John Bolton Marada the She-Wolf stories in a single volume, full restored and remastered. A new trailer gives us a glimpse at the scrubbed-up artwork.

Originally published for Epic illustrated in 1982, Marada is the descendant of Caesar. Preceeded by her legendary reputation as a warrior, Marada’s adventures carry her across the Roman Empire. Originally planned as a Red Sonja tale, legal disputes saw the creator-owned work eventually revert back to Claremont and Bolton.

Once collected in a long out-of-print Marvel Graphic Novel, this fully restored edition will also be accompanied by “never before seen” material. Look for it in November.

Marada The She-Wolf (Titan)