May 15 2013

Tom Taylor and Colin Wilson‘s The Example to get Polish language edition

Teczka (The Example) Cover

Following the announcement of the French language edition of Justin Randall’s Changing Ways last month from Gestalt, the publisher has announced that Tom Taylor and Colin Wilson‘s The Example (Teczka) will receive a Polish language edition from Poland’s Wydawnictwo Komiksowe publishing house.

In many ways, the European market is where some of these Australian titles can hope to get the most exposure. The types of stories that Australian comic book creators have been releasing, especially through publishers like Gestalt, have much in common with the European and bandes dessinées markets. This is a sentiment that Gestalt Editor-in-chief Wolfgang Bylsma shares. In a press release, he says “Whilst we have a diverse range to our publications list in terms of styles and narratives, there does seem to be an underlying element that unifies them as a whole – which I believe to be the quality inherent in the storytelling – and it is hugely gratifying to have that recognised and acknowledged by publishers in other territories seeking to reproduce the work for their own market.”

Tom Taylor commented: “The Example is the play, and then the comic, that launched my career.  From this story sprang a partnership with the great Colin Wilson that would see us spend years in the ‘Star Wars’ universe together,” he said. “It’s wonderful to now see that little fictional briefcase from Melbourne spread its fear into another language”.

Australian comics continue going from strength to strength, and it is great that there are publishers like Gestalt dedicated to giving such a strong voice internationally to our best and brightest. The best way to encourage more of this is to keep buying local products.

The edition will be launched at the The Warsaw Book Fair on 16-19th 2013. Teczka can be found at the publisher’s website, and bought through their online store.

The English language edition of The Example is also now available to download through theiBookstore.

Teczka (The Example) Front Cover