Feb 17 2015

Toy Fair 2015: Green Arrow and Black Canary add new statues and figures

Green Arrow Toy Fair 2015

Toy Fair 201515 LgooIf you’ve followed our ongoing History of Green Arrow series, you may have noticed that the evolution of Green Arrow merchandise is something we’re keenly interested in. So when DC Collectibles announced a slew of products not only related to the “so hot right now” ARROW, but some pieces related to classic Green Arrow as well.

The most intriguing piece is a new statue inspired by Cliff Chiang‘s cover art for Green Arrow and Black Canary #1 (2007). A classic version of both characters, they stand on a love heart, drawing the bow together. It’s part of the more recent history of the characters, but has become such an iconic image of the duo over the last 8 years that it is justifiably being given its own statue. It’s also being released as this year’s Kiss statue, “a series that celebrates love in the DCU.”

Due out in August are a quartet of figures from the ARROW series, with Arrow, Arsenal, John Diggle, and Felicity Smoak making the cut this time. It’s also interesting to note that figures from The Flash (featuring the lead hero and Captain Cold) will also be available later this year.

Finally, and perhaps best of all, a new line of DC ICONS figures will be released, featuring a Mike Grell inspired Green Arrow from THE LONGBOW HUNTERS. It is the first figure based on this seminal era

Green Arrow merch has been around at least since the the 1960s, with the foldees sold inside gum packets. One of the most highly sought-after figures are the 1974 Green Arrow Mego line, fetching hundreds of dollars in online auctions. The range has expanded somewhat over the years, and it is encouraging to see that the line continues with a mixture of pieces inspired by several eras of the Archer’s history.

DC Green Arrow/Black Canary statue - Based on Cliff Chiang art Arrow (TV) - Felicity action figure Arrow (TV) - Diggle action figure Arrow (TV) - Arrow costume action figure

Arrow (TV) - Arsenal/Roy Harper costume action figure

DC Icons Action Figure - Green Arrow


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