Nov 18 2013

TV: AMC developing ‘Preacher’ series with Seth Rogen


The Internet creaks and groans and once again heralds the arrival of a new series of reports that AMC are developing a television series based on the Vertigo series Preacher.

Adding fuel to the fire are the tweets of Seth Rogen. His first post was the vague confirmation that he is working on something:

However, he later tweeted the names of several characters from the comic series.

Despite the positive indications from Rogen, this is still in the rumour stages until we hear an official report. Indeed, in 2011 director D.J. Caruso tweeteed “My deal just closed on Preacher. Going back to the dark side and pretty fucking pumped!” As recently as August, Caruso confirmed that he was still attached to the project as a feature. Guess we’ll consider any deals closed when AMC actually announces the series.

The main Preacher series ran for 66 issues between 1995 to 2000 from Garth Ennis, and artists Steve Dillon and Glenn Fabry, The often controversial series dealt with titular preacher Jesse Custer teaming up with an ex-flame and an Irish vampire to hunt down god and hold the deity accountable. Let’s see how this plays on US television.

We covered Preacher as a Kick-Ass Pick of the Week way back in Episode 28 of the Behind the Panels podcast, You should go check it out now. Why not pick up the first volume from Amazon? (Subtle link bait there).