Mar 01 2014

TV: First photo of CW’s The Flash has been revealed

The Flash (Grant Gustin) - CW

Barry Allen (in the guise of actor Grant Gustin) was last seen getting a bit of a chemical shock in the Arrow episode “Three Ghosts”. Now we finally get our first look at the costume from the upcoming spin-off series, The Flash.

Designed by Colleen Atwood, the Academy Award winning costume designer for Chicago, Memoirs of a Giesha and Alice in Wonderland, as well as the lead costume on Arrow, we can already see that the familiar red is highlighted by a yellow lightning bolt. It seems that DC is getting bolder with their portrayal of superheroes on television, and more than one commentator has pointed out that a little smile can be seen on Allen’s face. Let’s hope this means some levity will be brought back to the universe as well.

Production on the pilot is expected to begin as early as next week!

Click on the photo to enlarge.

The Flash (Grant Gustin) - CW