Sep 10 2014

TV: ‘The Deep’ series is ready to set sail

The Deep (TV Series)

The Deep (TV Series)

The Deep: TV Series promotional art

Gestalt Comics (via their website) reports that France’sTechnicolor, Canadian Nerd Corps Entertainment and Australia-based A Stark Production have reach final agreements over the partnership for the production of the CG adaptation of The Deep graphic novel series.

The 26-episode The Deep TV Series is based on the award-winning books written by Australia’s Tom Taylor (Injustice, Earth 2, Superior Iron Man) and illustrated by James Brouwer. To stay true to those books, Taylor will serve as head writer for the series, while Brouwer will serve as art director.

“We have the best people possible working on this series, and have done absolutely everything in our power to maintain the integrity of the storytelling that won people over in the graphic novels. With both Taylor and Brouwer in pivotal roles, this series cannot help but amaze,” said Wolfgang Bylsma, Editor-in-Chief of Gestalt Publishing.

The Deep follows the Nekton family as they explore the depths of the ocean in their submarine The Aronnax. The two all-ages graphic novels, The Deep: Here Be Dragons and The Deep: The Vanishing Island will be joined a prequel, The Deep: Voyages of the Aronnax in the near future. It is the first project where Gestalt Comics will make use of the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, with Bylsma indicating that this was largely so that artist Darryl Toh could be paid a reasonable page rate.

When we spoke to Taylor in July this year, he mentioned the amount of work that was going into the series in addition to his other writing duties. “Yes, that’s why the margarita I’m drinking is breakfast at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, because I’ve been working on the TV show until 10am.”

We can look forward to see the animated series in 2015.