Mar 05 2014

Watch a sizzle reel trailer for the rest of ‘Arrow’ Season 2

Arrow - Season 2 - Banner

The second season of Arrow has arguably been one of the finest examples of comic book adaptation on the small screen to date, and now The CW has released a trailer showcasing the rest of the season. After the shocking reveal at the end of “Time of Death”, a big confrontation is coming between Oliver Queen and an old friendly foe. Suffice it to say, if you haven’t caught up on the show yet, or want to avoid all spoilers for the rest of the year, stop reading and watching right NOW.

We already know that the next episode will be called “The Promise”, but following that are three episodes called “Suicide Squad”, “Birds of Prey” and “Deathstroke”. Could your geek senses start tingling any more? The introduction and expansion of the roles of all these characters within the DC Television Universe, including the return of the Huntress, is expanded on in this trailer, along with the growing confrontation between Oliver and Slade Wilson.

Check out the trailer below.