Sep 23 2013

Watch Christian Bale cosplay as Val Kilmer in ‘Batman Begins’ audition video – with Amy Adams!

Batman Begins - Christian Bale screen test in Val Kilmer suit

With the The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition Blu-ray due out in the US this week, a few bits and pieces have begun to emerge from the super extra bonus features that will be found on the 6-disc set. The set features 90 minutes worth of new extra features on a bonus disc, including an interview between director Christopher Nolan, and Superman director Richard Donner, plus a documentary about the trilogy. Physical gubbins include three Hot Wheels of Batman’s various vehicles, some art cards and a hardcover book.

One of the curiosities that has already emerged online is the original auditon tape for Batman Begins, featuring Christian Bale playing opposite future Lois Lane Amy Adams. Bale is wearing the Batman costume from Batman Forever, making the performance all the more impressive, and we can see him working out the now infamous ‘rarr rarr hockey pants’ voice. Nolan is also interviewed, chatting about how Bale came to the character with the knowledge that the suit required a certain projection of voice and presence.

It will be interesting to know if there is a similar audition tape out there for Ben Affleck in the forthcoming Batman vs Superman, as there is clearly something that director Zack ‘Snack’ Snyder saw in the Oscar-winner that the typically rational angry fanboys on the Interwebs are overlooking.