Jun 09 2013

Watch the trailer for Gestalt’s Stalag-X online

Stalag-X: Mike Ratera

Last week, Gestalt Comics debuted the trailer and first issue of Stalag- X, a new series from Kevin J. Anderson and Steven L. Sears at Denver Comic-Con. Now that the comic is available online to purchase via Gestalt’s website, the publisher has released the

In the sci-fi series, the alien Krael attack a fleet of human ships. Not known for taking prisoners, the group is surprised when they are carted off to a prison planet for reasons unknown. Among the POWs is a man who only identifies himself as “Joe Human”, and he’s an outsider to everyone. Shunned by the other human soldiers for a crime committed before the story began, and treated as something of a mystery by the alien prison guards, especially a sinister Krael scientist has taken the nickname “Mengele”.

We reviewed the first issue last week, noting that it “begins as a solid concept for the series, and it will be interesting to see what direction Anderson and Sears take it after spending much of this issue setting up the world”.

Stalag-X #1 is available as a digital exclusive from Gestalt Comics website.